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The Conclusion

I bet you that these are two words you won’t often read in the blogosphere. Usually when something ends, it is accompanied by a deafening silence, which, years later, is broken by a nice 404-page announcing that this page/blog no longer exists.

I don’t like ending things, but prefer to do so as loud and clear as possible, as it both forces me to stop something and to do something else instead.

So this blog has ended! Which is logical, as it has, from the beginning, been a limited enterprise, a conduit into the world of food and retail, even though I’m pretty much decided—though never say never—that the food-industry is not where I am going.

The truth is that I have learned a lot these last 6-7 months, enough to form a relatively clear vision of what I want and what values I believe in. The food-industry is a great vehicle for that:

  • It’s low-tech, it’s not rocket-science to follow the path of a good from the farm to a person’s kitchen.
  • It’s a people-business (whatever Harvard business review may say), and understanding people’s taste and expectations of food is translatable to any other industry.
  • It’s a global industry and affected by economic cycles, just like any other industry.
  • It’s got a variety of business models to choose from—from restaurants to supermarkets, from franchises to super—fmcg—companies.
  • etc. etc.

I encourage anyone who has some learning to do on a subject, to start a blog about it (for a limited time) and write to their heart’s content. Just don’t confuse your learning-project with a media-project, or else you’ll never end it! And know that your innocent passion in the beginning may take into a completely different direction in the end!

Reasons for me to stop are personal and I won’t discuss them here*. These last few years, I wrote a lot, which means I had to come up with new ideas daily, find new and better ways to communicate them, and of course gather new information constantly. And I enjoyed it most of the time, though now it is time to put those creative and problem-solving skills to use in a different environment.

So… here I go and retire from this activity. That also includes my work on Tech IT Easy, btw., though I expect that my co-bloggers are more than capable of producing great content (and hope this post hasn’t depressed them too much).

In the words of Mr. Hodgman, “That is all!“, and in the words of Mr. Murrow, “Good Night, and Good Luck!

Sincerely yours,
Vincent van Wylick

*: Anyone who knows me, knows that they can reach me anytime and discuss what’s going on in their life and mine. To the visitors of this blog, you can also feel free to drop me a mail, knowing that, even though any subject will be treated with complete respect and confidentiality, my time is limited.


  1. Thank you for maintaining this blog for as long as you have, your posts have been most insightful!

    If you ever start a blog on your future endeavours, keep us updated to it’s whereabouts.

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