Steel Magnolia is a chick flick. If you don’t believe me, observe how much the women speak, as opposed to the men. Men are just fillers in this film, filling in the gaps between the colour that the women bring to the scene. But I’m not bitter, far from it.

The Magnolia is a flower, but stands for woman in this film. Women that go through both happiness and tragedy and stand straight, as in made of steel. The film is quite extraordinary that way, in the sense that instead of exaggerating happy moments, like a wedding, or dramatic moments, like a kidney-transplant, it just jumps ahead right after you start feeling the emotion. A woman’s style, I think, is to feel the emotion beforehand. Doing your best that an event is felt for real, that everything has been done that could be done, and not looking back after the moment has passed.

Great acting by Sally Field, Julia Roberts, and Shirley MacLaine! A chick-flick it is, but one that can be enjoyed by all!