The smile is contagious, I was born to love her“—a random lyric from the end-titles of “I’m not there.”

I felt like blasting this picture up there and writing no words at all.

Detachment is the word that most comes to mind to describe the film. 6 actors, of which Kate Blanchett was the biggest surprise, because I just couldn’t place her, each of them apparently portraying a stage in Dylan’s life.

But he’s never there and you get this real guessing game going about what’s going on.

I like the film, it felt like it went through some important questions about the meaning of life. Do we have a responsibility to change things or just report them? Why don’t people revolt more? Is there ever a point to revolting? I also had an good discussion about the phrase “Plus ca change” during the film, essentially meaning: the more we change, the more we all become the same. And vice versa.

And I realised that when we truly listen to ourselves, we all become aliens to everyone else. And when we try to be different, we end up listening too much to others and become like them. It’s sort of related to the film, but not really.

“I’m not there” cannot be described as anything less than a piece of art. Which makes it, by nature, difficult to digest. You never know whether you’re being taken for a ride or whether there is a great lesson there. But, the acting, the music, I had a good time for 2 hours.

Oh, and I think it’s probably best to read some kind of summary, before watching the film.