In terms of “Gadget Porn” (yes, such a thing exists), the Sony Walkman perhaps doesn’t pass the test of an ageless object. But it’s an incredibly nostalgic device to anyone growing up in the 80s and early 90s, and it remains an important piece of consumer electronic history. Sony, which had a blockbuster with portable radios, then portable TVs (if memory serves), then walkman, diskman, and then … fade to black (I guess the playstation counts). Little known fact is that I worked for Sony around the year 2000, because I was so fascinated with the company. But just then many things changed and it took the company years to make a comeback, but not even close to the iconic status it had up to the late 90s.

Enjoy the pictures of the Sony Walkman TPS-L2 on Minimally Minimal, the inspiration for this short paragraph.