TV Scoop_ Mad Men cigarette count_ one every minute.jpgI’m not sure what I like about Mad Men. There’s no real action in it, but I guess it gives a glimpse, a stylised one, into 1950’s and 60’s society in the US, and I’m always fascinated by how people used to live before I was born. Of course, it’s usually better to watch a movie from that time for that, or read a book.

In any case, things to like about it are:

  • the marketing—the industry was just getting started and it’s interesting how things worked and have evolved since then.
  • the fashion—it’s pretty stunning how people are dressed in that show, elegant certainly, and not quite mass-produced elegance either.
  • gender-relations—the rise of feminism, the machismo of men
  • the vices—the constant smoking, drinking, and sleeping around… in and outside of work

I think there’ll be cigarette-counts released as soon as season 1 has ended. But in the mean time, I found out that at least one show featured the lighting of 42 cigarettes—that’s one every minute! That alone makes it a fascinating watch; I wonder if they’re real!