According to the Atlantic, it’s nostalgics. The article also briefly discusses what small part records play in the overall revenues currently collected by the music industry. At 3.3% annual decline, it’s not so bad.

I have to say, obviously there’s a nostalgia element to records. Who, except someone that has handled those large black vinyl discs in their past/childhood, would be open to doing so again. Playing records is a pain, involving the frequent getting up to switch from Side A to, possibly (for a large track list), Side D. But it also reminds me of a time when albums mattered. It doesn’t sound better, but it feels more special than an endless Spotify playlist.

I do think that all if this is an interesting analogy to book publishing in that consumers are essentially confronted with a similar situations (the endless www vs. paper books), and you have to wonder how that will continue to play out as well.