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Idealistic interlude – what I wish people (& myself) for 2OO8 and beyond

skitched-20071230-234115.jpgI’m in a philosophical mood. Got the flu, lack of sleep, an excess of stress, and the general feeling that I need to “get things done” before I have earned the right to enjoy life (though I will try to enjoy seeing old friends on the 31st).

Yesterday, or this morning, I published a list of materialistic wishes for 2OO8… now it is time for the a-materilistic, or rather the idealistic wishes I have for my family, friends and myself in the near and more distant future.

Surprises – After composing a list of idealistic “to-do’s,” I felt that no matter what you plan it’s important to experience and be open to surprises. What life is worth living without them?

Financial success for my family & friends – as materialistic as it may seem, there is a clear correlation between success and happiness, and I wish this very much to the people I know, those that I don’t know, and myself of course. Money not only makes the world go round, it makes for a better world.

Beware of the accelerator – I can’t speak for other people, but I’ve noticed a clear trend with myself. I’m like a ball, when I start rolling, I go faster and faster, until it becomes hard to stop. This is true for my work, for my more artistic projects, even for depressive days. It’s important to keep the balance, as theoretical as that may sound. Even if it feels “wrong” to stop sometimes, stop, and even if it feels wrong to work sometimes, work. It’s a little connected to ‘surprises’ also.

No assassinations during the holidays – a minor point perhaps (is it?), but have you noticed that last year on this day, Saddam Hussein was executed, as was Benazir Bhutto a few days ago? A serious bummer, dude.

A better US president… perhaps – I think there is a complex interplay between what I would call macro-leadership and micro-management. Both are important, and one cannot exist without the other. The US makes a good case-study for observing the interplay between federal and state-politics. When Bush goes against the climate, you see plenty of bottom-up activity for improving the climate on a city or state-level. I would love a US president that is more moderate and appreciative of the complexities of international politics, terrorism, climate-change, world-hunger, world-disease, emerging economies, etc. But really, I just want people to fight for what they believe in, whether it be top-down, or bottom-up.

For myself:
A good job in 2OO8 – one that I enjoy doing and that teaches me skills that help me be a better project-manager.

My own company for 2OO9 onwards – not sure when and how this will manifest itself, but that is what I’m working towards.

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