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Interlude – 5 random classical movie-reviews

skitched-20071230-011516.jpgGone with the Wind – a tale of survival, manipulation, machismo, and unconditional love. Thought Clark Gable was great in it, as was the black housekeeper, Hattie McDaniel. But definitely an undertone of male-to-female violence. ★★★☆☆

Breakfast at Tiffany’s – a tale of random encounters, quirky characters and personalities, the disloyalty of cats, and how people can be like cats and vice versa. A story with very little plot, yet some jewels don’t need a plot. ★★★★☆

Roman Holiday – a tale of wealth and poverty, the search for experiences, the difference that a haircut makes, how old media douchebags are just like new media douchebags, chatty italians, and moped-driving. Basically a rich princess going incognito in Rome. Didn’t like it much, though the ending was somewhat touching. ★★☆☆☆

Marathon Man – a tale of endurance, family, greed, suspenseful shadows, hot women named Elsa, and how shaving the middle of your head (i.e. Lawrence Olivier creating a bald spot) makes for a pretty interesting disguise. Was exciting and had some terrific acting. But… is it safe? ★★★★☆

Casablanca – a tale of love, loyalty, honour. The romance that inspired many a celluloid romance. Here’s looking at you, kid. ★★★★★

On black & white pictures
Never has black seem so black, white seemed so white. There’s something basic about black & white movies, it brings forth the concept of good and evil in very minimalist way. At the same time, the greyness that is life comes across also, impossible to see perhaps with the stark contrasts that some of the more current colour-flicks present.

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