Funny how moods influence musical preference. Last week on my run, I would’ve told you that Junior Jack is the sh*t; a few weeks ago, on a lonely walk through a misty and deserted street, it would’ve have been Lisa Gerard’s haunting voice. But last night, as my eyes were feeling heavy with sleep, it was Grant Green that touched me most.

I first stumbled on Mr. Green’s music after trying to prove to my brother that many rap-songs are sampled from other (better) songs. Turns out Grant Green performed a song, named “Better Tomorrow,” that was later sampled in Dr. Dre’s hit-song “Still DRE.” Even though it’s not my favourite track of Green’s, it’s one of the few I could find on YouTube. So here you go, a very recognisable melody after 1:20 mins.

P.S. The Grant Green album I like the most, is called “Ballads.”

Thanks to the power of Mixwit, you can listen to a whole playlist of Grant Green songs, sourced from all over the web. Enjoy!