Just a few titbits:

Speed: I love the little settings pop-up. Whether it’s to adjust screen rotation, to quickly change the brightness or to turn airport mode on and off, it just so much more convenient and faster to do just that.

Usefulness: I love the look of the new notification pull down window. 1. It’s a nicer way to read the weather in plain text as that’s a more human way to interact. 2. it’s well organised with the calendar and I appreciate it letting me know how busy I’m always the next day. 3. Thanks for shifting the notification to other, less used panels, those were just guilt inducers for me.

Hardware compatibility: Until I decide to switch or until this damn phone dies, I’m still using an iPhone 4. And while I thought the last update to IOS 6 made the phone slow already, it still feels plenty usable with iOS 7. I also noticed that multitasking is more responsive, even not recently used apps load faster when “multi tasked,” and being able to quit running tasks quickly also speeds up this older phone by quite a bit. Apple could’ve chosen to make me feel antiquated, instead they breathed new life into this old dog.

The Look: it feels like a modern interface, I would primarily describe it as elegant with a lot of colour play. As I’ve heard other people say, I agree that iOS 7 makes iOS 6 feel outdated.